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Mt Sac Fat Tire Classic and a bragging mother

Troy my 3rd born son (and number 549 above)  of my 4 sons has really got into these amazing Mountain Bike Racing events. I am sorry for perhaps I have the terminology wrong. Participating in another one this past Sunday November 3rd in what was called the Mt Sac Fat Tire Classic he competed in the mans beginners  category for the 19-26 year old's. There were 13 riders in this and he took 3rd place.

He really truly enjoys this new sport he's found and he trains extremely hard at it! These are a couple of pictures he sent me yesterday of the event. To those that may not know Mt. Sac is located in southern Ca.
To see some more pictures of a truly awesome event that makes me tired just reading about the distance please check out this older post here at Just My Day Blog, called 12 Hours of Temecula

If you would wish to see a little trouble this 3rd born was in as a young one you can find that here


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