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Old age and old antique wood cook stoves

I am leaving today for Reno Nevada where I will stay until Monday when I am catching a ride down to Southern Ca. Originally I was going to go as my little grandson Andy is having his 2nd birthday, and I have been invited to his party. Although his birthday is on the 20th of December they are having his party on the 6th, which just so happens to be the birthday of my 3rd born son Troy who also lives down there.So I will be around for 2 birthdays. But it has ended up being a whole different situation. Last night I was informed my 87 year old father is having some problems, admitted into a hospital down there my reason for going has quickly changed. So I do not know if I will be able to post or even get my e-mail from down there as I am unsure how all this works. My ride is coming back on the 8th but even I do not know whether it is that ride I will be catching. So if you pray I have no shame in asking for one. And I will leave you with what I had been planning on posting today anyway, some pictures of an old wood cooking stove that I happened across yesterday prior to "the phone call" You can read the whole post here.
Or here are the pictures from that post, but what an incredible find of a in perfect shape old antique wood cook stove with a bread warmer on the top.
I hope to be talking to you all very soon!
Taking pictures of this old shed and dog house,
and then going behind it, this is what I found!


Hope everything goes well with your dad and all those birthdays turn out great!

Best wishes for great birthday celebrations and here's hoping all goes well for your father.

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