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Party with the two year olds!

Well I made it and I am sitting here on my sons computer in Anaheim Hills. My father has been transferred to a transitional living home here close by, which is good news. It looks as though a little while there and my daddy will be back at home and be his old self again (perhaps a little slower), so all and all every thing seems to be looking good as far as that goes. I will be getting to see him today. I got here at my sons at 4:00 P.M. yesterday and they were moving my dad so that's why I needed to wait till today. But pulling into this area it is absolutely incredible the devastation done by the fires of a couple weeks ago. And I have only seen so little of it. My young one Hunter whom is staying here now also took me for a walk last night and we were looking down at nothing but rolling blackened hills. To stand in the place we were standing while a fire was burning would I am sure have seen like a scene of a fire storm in a war movie, one (me) can only imagine the horror of seeing it in "real time" I know my son is incredibly lucky to have a home standing.
I would like to thank "King Al" and Timethief   for the well wishes. It is so very kind indeed. It's great my father seems to be snapping out of it and now I can go back to the original plan of Andy's birthday party and me getting to go and "Party with the two year olds"

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