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Orange County Fires

Quite awhile back I said I was done changing my blog template. I was happy with the one I had .Night before last however I received a phone call from one of my sons that lives down in Southern Ca. Him and his wife had just bought a condo there about 6 weeks to a couple of months ago. They were being evacuated due to the fires. Being a mommy I was worried sick. Living in the town I live in there is no place to go after 6 P.M. except the bar and I don't do the bar. So sleep was evading me and I had nothing to do. I googled earth so much it was pathetic, I stumbled till I could stumble no more. I crocheted till my fingers hurt, and I googled everything I have always meant to google. That left me with only one thing to do. Find another template for Just My Day Blog!
Do you like it?
I finally fell asleep, (or should I say my boys in southern Ca. must have fell asleep cuz the phone quit ringing ) and THEN I finally fell asleep.
I am happy to say he was allowed back into his new home yesterday. I think it was yesterday. Nights like those can really screw up your "internal clock" and then add a couple years! LOL!!

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