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Her swaying in the wind, a bit unsettling

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The wind is blowing tonight like it is the thing to do. Well it is apparently the thing to do, because it is not letting up. I am not afraid of wind , I am afraid of the huge pine tree that sits in my backyard that is probably close to 100 years old. (Or so I have been told) I think to myself that perhaps this tree may just be getting a little bit on the tired side, standing there majestically all these years. Keeping the home shaded in the sun and by all intents and purposes keeping the snow from piling up on this side of the house. All these years of being the home to different nests, allowing new young birds to take their first flight from her limbs. There's also the local dogs including my own that make her trunk their personal restroom. Do you ever wonder if they get tired? I do. Especially on nights like this when the wind is blowing something as big and beautiful as she, around just a bit much for my comfort!

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