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I am F------ cold!!!

I am in sunny southern Ca. not far from Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm where today it IS indeed sunny, and I am cold. I have been cold since I arrived here a couple days ago. I have sat around with either a sweater or a coat on the whole time. If I were at home I would be sitting in a sleeveless shirt (tank top) and wandering around the house in a pair of socks. The only time I would put a coat or sweater on would be when I ventured outside to retrieve the wood to feed the woodstove thus applying the heat to the home that I am able to wear tank tops and socks in the winter. I guess when you live in southern Ca. for the most part one is always hot, so when the temperature is 60 to 63 degrees outside it is a welcome relief from there normalcy of much warmer. The overhead fans are blowing in the home I am at and it is blowing around this welcoming cool air of 60 degrees. To me it feels like they are blowing in an airconditioner. At home when the thermostat says 60 degrees inside the house, someone is being fucking lazy, meaning they are not feeding the wood eater. Every single time I come down here to visit I notice the same thing. Their 60 degrees is soooo different than the 60 degrees of the mountains that I am used too. And I don't get it!

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