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A Wonderful Balance

I am leaving tomorrow. I am going back home. This week went by sooo fast. It is hard to believe it is over. Sitting here at my son Troy and his wife Amanda's new home I find myself filled with sadness AND extreme pride. Anyone who has ever read this blog knows that Troy did 18 months over in Iraq and D.I.L. (Amanda) stayed right here by his side every single step of the way.They were both quite young when this relationship happened yet they both dealt with it in such a grown up and mature way. It is something I as Troy's mother will never forget. I am not sure if THEY even realize what they did to and for each other at a time such as that. In this day and age and as young and beautiful as Amanda is I will always be grateful to her for the fact her heart was in Iraq with the man she loved, my son Troy.
I have been at their home last Christmas and I spent one night. ANYONE can pull something off for 1 night. But being here these last eight days, even the best con artists would not be able to pull the wool over their mothers eyes for eight (8) days!!!
I found myself admist a loving, strong, committed relationship. They have goals and are working towards them, and they are doing it together. They have committed to buying this new home for themselves, (which I personally really love, the lay-out is awesome) They both work and they are both going to school. They both have outside interests and hobbies for their own personal growth.
In the late sixties and/or early 70's there was a patch (the kind you put on levi's) also a poster and it was a saying that said
"U is only half of US".
 I remember as young as I was thinking how beautiful  and how awesome, (of course at the time I probably said groovy) LOL!!!  that saying was. I am now seeing it. And it is a wonderful feeling to see my son in such a realtionship. I really believe that they are like a scale and that they balance each other out. Like it was destined, like it was meant to be. Had either one of them met and married another, the scales would never have been truly balanced out!
I am a very happy mother today, and am so thankful I got this time with them so that I could see real love in real action.
Yes! Yes! Yes!

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