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Fresh bread and memories

I bake my own bread at home and a loaf was just finished. My husband Dave and I got a piece cut off and proceeded to toast it, He on the wood stove, I in the oven on broil. (Yes we own a toaster, just chose not to use it)
Anyway when it was toasted we put some honey I had purchased yesterday on our bread. With the first taste , my husband was going down memory lane. He said to me, God this reminds me of Texas, then he went on and on and I might mention on some more about how that one bite reminded him of this and that. He said he could picture the house this reminded him of, the kitchen table, who was in the room etc.
I told him I was going to post this he did not mind except when I told him he needed to quiet down now so I could write this.
Is it not amazing how as humans one bite of fresh baked bread with some honey could invoke such a grandeur of memories in a man in his 60's.
And then add to that I can't get him to shut up about these memories as I am writing this. Soo the end of my post, time for me to be a good listener!

I got a breadmaker for Christmas and I've been having a lot of fun with that. It really reminds me of the bread my grandmother use to bake all of the time. I can't quite find the right recipe that matches her famous bread. But I'm on a quest to do so. Until then, our house smells wonderful and it takes me back to being a kid, watching grandma make bread.

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