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Amanda, the writer over at Blogger Buster posted a post of her personal favorite free blog templates of the year 2008. Any one that has been reading this blog of mine Just My Day Blog knows I have changed templates a zillion times. At the end of her post she decided to add one last one to her 20 favorites of 2008 and I was quite shocked that it was this very template that you are reading from. Entitled Cellar Heat, I myself fell in love with it the first time I ever saw it.
The reason why I love it so much is this. 
I put an awful lot of pictures in my blog posts, but unless it is a photo blog  a person just doesn't want to scroll down past 20 something pictures just to read the next post. At least when I would visit other's blogs I found this to be a big red flag for me. This template fixed that for me.
I have been to Blogger Buster more times than I can count this past year and have received a tremendous amount of information about blogging, templates, everything to do with blogging at that site. 
So for this particular template to be mentioned there was an unexpected pleasure for no particular reason other than perhaps I have learned enough this past year from Blogger Busters and then to have a template that I found to love so much be mentioned there seems almost like a ass backwards compliment, but also in my eyes proves that I indeed have learned a lot from Amanda at Blogger Buster.
I really do love this Template!

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