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Skywatch Friday

This lone tree was right smack in the middle of one helluva storm that was blowing in awhile back. I always liked this picture due to the simplicity. So this is my first Skywatch Friday on this blog. I hope you like it and I hope there's enough sky in it. LOL!!!

Wow - that looks like a painting! You've managed to capture the beautiful, rich colors of nature. Great job!

There is much beauty in simplicity.

I like it. I'm always taking pictures of "lonely" trees.

That is a beautiful SWF shot. I love the lighting on it. The colors are wonderful. Perfect.

Beautiful. I can feel the storm in this shot.

Sssweet pic:)

I love when stormy skies are honored. Great picture!

Wow, I am so impressed by you all replying to my little ol' picture. The kindness is tremendous, and it really means a great deal to me, Thanks!
better known as just plain Allison

The photo is lovely in its simplicity. It looks like a painting with its dramatic sky.

I agree about the simplicity, and appreciate it, yet there is enough here to keep you engaged with the photo for a long time!
I love it!

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