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Mellow Yellow Monday-Sunflowers

As I wrote last week when I did Mellow yellow Monday for the first time, there is not a lot of things to pick from in my town where I live in the dead of winter when it comes to yellow. (I might add however it has been the prettiest winter in a long time up here)
So I checked out some of the pictures I had taken last summer, and, well, there is not a whole lot of things that I know of that are yellower than a sunflower. This meme of Drowseys is quite the challenge, I love it but I need to think outside of the box here to come up with something yellow.
I plan on looking a little farther at all times. LOL!!!
But for today I give you sunflowers in my backyard last July. The last one has a friend.

Oh I so adore sunflowers! I planted one in my garden and it died :O(

I have a sunflower tattoo on my back ... my bee, though.

I played too :)

Thanks you guys for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. It means so much

Gorgeous photos! Sunflowers are the best - they're so happy looking. :)

Breathtaking! I entend to use sunflower as a subject for this week's MYM but they are so expensive here!

Instead I just use my kid for my entry(priceless)

AWESOME photos!

and I love your layout... very cool

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