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New tires and that's about all!

My ex daughter-in-law "Cory" lives two doors down from me. She is the mother of my grandson Jeremiah. My son Travis is Jeremiahs father.(They are no longer together)
As I was walking to the store today I ran into Cory as she stopped to ask me if I need a ride. Answering no we talked for a bit and this is what she told me today.
About 1 week to 10 days ago she went to our neighboring town of Susanville to have new tires put on her car. Apparently Cory noticed her car making noise, not even in consideration that it had something to do with her new tires (and why should she?) she went to a local man whom is retired from being a mechanic/small engine repair to find out what may be wrong with her car.
(I want to add that Cory is in another relationship and she gave birth to Jeremiahs little brother Ayden 4 months ago)
This is Ayden

This Ayden and his mother Cory
This is what she found out----------.
She was driving with only one lug nut on one of her wheels. ,
Yes again,
I said one (1)
She has been driving herself, her new baby boy AND my Jeremiah Lee in a car with only ONE lug nut keeping her "new" tires on.
I see no excuse for this!
She sees no excuse for this!
I think this is horrifying!
She is beside herself in the horror of this whole situation!
I can not even fathom this!
She is still wondering if this is some horrible nightmare she has not woke up from!
I am so thankful she found out what the noise was and I can end this post with a happyily ever after.
My son Travis and his son, my Jeremiah Lee.
My Grandson
It just sends shivers up my spine tothink of what could have happened.
Myself and my Jeremiah Lee

Then there's the way I think.
Such as there are a whole lot of people out there that are literally dying for a job, yet you have some irresponsible/lazy flake who places just one lug nut on a woman's wheels/tires in the middle of the mountains, in the middle of winter.
2 little boys in tow.
Excuse me here but

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