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Are you going to hit me or what?

Whenever I go for a walk from my town of Pinetown and walk to Westwood there is a little small bridge that goes over what's called Robbers creek. It is meant for cars but there actually is a walkway (albeit very thin) for walkers or bicycle riders. I am not sure what the law is anymore but I like to walk facing the oncoming traffic. I feel at least I have a chance if some car is coming right at me. I have noticed tho' that walking that way seems to make drivers stare at me the walker instead of the road. It's like then they just start following their eyes and it seems as if they are going to hit you. Its like a deer that freezes when the headlights hit.I think it happens because where I am talking about is a very thin road and they are being sooo careful not to hit you that they actually veer that way! Strange!

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