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Survivor-Tocantins How is "Homeboy" going to do tonight?

Well another Thursday night watching T.V. something I never do (except The View, I love my girls, especially Joy) and now this. As I have posted before, a local man, the one they call coach is on Survivor- Tocantins, so for me it has peaked my interest. Ya know I do not care much about talking about people and I really don't want to make any enemies here, but the 2nd episode with his tongue slashing was pretty gross, and now the more I watch the more I do not see him pull his weight in any way. I have seen everyone run faster, work harder, etc. But all he seems to do is run his mouth. I wonder how long this is going to last? Of course our local papers state he is one hell of a guy. He is a "Coach" of a woman's sports team and believe it or not he has something to do with the Susanville Symphony. (I realize I probably should have been more informed about it all before writing this) But that's not why I am writing it.I think (for me anyway) he is the guy you love to hate. AND this IS A game afterall, and you never know, he may know EXACTLY what he is doing. So go get  them again tonight "Coach" I will be watching just as a lot of homeboys and girls will be doing. Make Susanville proud.
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