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Camera Critters - A veteran and a giraffe!

Taken over a year ago I believe in San Diego this is my 3rd born son out of four sons (no daughters for me) and what appears to be his new friend. I think this is just an adorable picture.

And I also have a terrible trait of being a bragging mom and why stop now eh? Troy did an 18 month tour in Iraq, I am very proud of him!
For more Camera Critters just click the link below, you will not be sorry!

Camera Critters

wow how many people can say they've been that close to a giraffe before? great shot.

Cool picture, we are going to take our grandson to the Zoo for his 5th birthday which was the 29th of feb, later this month if it warms up and i hope to get lots of good pics.


see animals know a goody guy when they meet him !1Sandy go ahead Miom brag me too sk

that is a wonderful photo

you have every reason to brag -

Great photo - the giraffe looks happy to find someone who wants to get close to him/her.

This image also shows me how critters can bring that inner child out - your son looks genuinely happy in this photo.

Aw ... I think it's adorable too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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