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Mellow Yellow Monday and beauty for two days

This is perhaps the ugliest cactus I have ever had. Just got a clipping in southern Ca. at my father's house. Never really expected it to even live let alone bloom in the mountains where I live, but it did.
This one flower is what I reaped and I sure think she is a beauty.

I woke up this past friday to this beautiful flower, and this morning she is already dying. A two day life span.

Such a shame. But it sure was nice to look at these two days.

Plus as soon as she opened I had my Mellow Yellow Monday picture all taken care of! LOL!!!
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Wow! The ugly cactus grew a beautiful flower. Too bad it was so short - but glad you got some shots of it. TFS

What a eautiful flower and it makes for a lovely Mello Yellow Monday post !! :-)

Yes, I am in Reno...

Oops ... must proof read before I hit publish !!

'Beautiful flower' :-)

I like the one at the bottom. Great light and fantastic colors. Happy MYM!

You're right, that was perfectly yellow.


I'm always amazed at the lovely blossoms produced by various cactus plants because they see so unlikely. Is this a Christmas Cactus?
Hugs and blessings,

Shame it was short lived but, it's great you got a photograph as it's truly a beautiful flower.

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