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Cherry Tree for Mellow Yellow Monday

For Mellow Yellow Mondays post today I am posting these cherry blossoms off of a cherry tree across the street from my home. Along with it I am going to post more of the tree itself with a wicked looking storm lurking beyond although you can not see the yellow in these. Just thought the pics were pretty.





And just for fun, when I got home after taking pictures I was reminded of lol (LOL) in this picture.


Make sure you go to Mellow Yellow Mondays by clicking below for some great and interesting pictures!!!

Have a safe Memorial Day today. And please never forget what the veterans before and now have done for us!

Oh, they are all lovely...nice shots

These blossoms have such pretty, delicate beauty! Delightful!

Beautiful photos. What a great way to start a week. Have a great Memorial Day.

a touch of yellow to complete it's beauty!

Those are some really nice shots. Love the cherry blossoms. Hope you have a wonderful week. =)

Lovely cherry blossoms! And cool wicked storm brewing in the background. I love dramatic weather!

HI Allison,
The blossoms are beautiful - I also love the lilacs. Your cartoon is great - I like not being finished with doing nothing...

Beautiful cherry blossoms...

I really like the onese with the sky... absoloutely breathtaking !!

What a lovely series of blossoms with just a hint of yellow!
Hugs and blessings,

Beautiful photos. Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend:)

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