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Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday
I walked down the road today to a park to let my dog run. I was hoping I would get some pictures for Skywatch Friday as one helluva thunder and lightning storm was rolling in.
I was able to get a few and I am pretty happy with them.
Ya know the only thing about pictures like this for me is it is impossible to capture the vastness of the whole thing, ya know?

This was taken by me just shooting straight up. They were so low I felt like I could just touch them!
This was done by just bringing the camera down a bit.
and another
On the ground overlooking the meadow,
And then the whole valley,

For remarkable skies from ALL over the world just click the link below.You will enjoy it!!!


Fab clouds, I can almost feel that storm coming!

This series is MY FAVORITE of the night! thanks ... that was just GREAT! I felt like I was IN the clouds! and then smiled when I was IN the meadow! ~Maria

It's hard not to keep gazing at those clouds! I love the one with the dark fringe to the right (storm coming!). Are those flowers Bistorts (Miner's Socks)?

Cottonwool balls floating by. The meadow shots just gorgeous.

Fantastic clouds and I really like the landscape too. =)

Marvelous cloud/sky series ... love the perspective on each one.
Hugs and blessings,

Like the third one down with the dark underside. great series.

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