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Memorial Day and controlled burns

I am walking into town a little over 2 miles away. I look up at the skies and notice that there is smoke coming up over the mountains. I am SHOCKED and saddened as I know this is a fire. Last summer all around us were forest fires. The smoke was so thick you did not want to go outside because with every breath you took you could feel your lungs burn. Your eyes burned and your clothes and home smelled of smoke more than you could imagine. It was like that from the 1st of June all the way through the summer. A summer I will never forget.

Awhile later I find out there are several controlled burns going on in our area and beyond. I understand controlled burns. What I DO NOT understand is controlled burns all over the area, on Saturday of a 3 day Federal Holiday as in Memorial Day weekend.They are burning all 3 days.

We are a tourist town. Who wants to come camping, fishing, boating in this drop dead gorgeous country I am living in surrounded by the smoke of controlled burns?

But more importantly, California is so far in debt we can't even think about seeing a light in any tunnel. So why are they spending taxpayer money on a 3 day Federal holiday having several controlled burns. Just think of the money being spent from manpower to equipment that is being used on this?
Why are these controlled burns being done on normal working days?
And California wonders why it's broke!!!!

As a native Californian living in So Cal ... I find your questions noteworthy and wish I had answers.
Hugs and blessings,

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