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Mellow Yellow Monday

Today for Mellow Yellow Monday are some flowers that came up in our backyard, finally!
I love the deep violet and the yellow. I always have thought these kinds of flowers were pretty





Don't you think it looks like bright yellow catapillars are crawling on the leaves?
For many beautiful and truly different Mellow Yellow Monday pictures, visit Drowsey over at


Wow! What an interesting color combination for those Irises. Love it! Great shots.

Your photo study of the Iris is lovely - so many shades of yellow and purple.

Awesome !!! Hello from Speedcat "@hollydale"

What a great variety of iris. That little caterpillar thing is actually called the "beard" and this would be a bearded iris. I don't know what the bees do in the varieties without them? I'd like to add this color to our iris patch.

Golly! You're right about the caterpillars!

The amazing patterns on this variety of iris remind me of the tiger lily! Bright yellow and purple combined in one flower is awesome!

Glad to be here, it's my first time to visit here.
Have a nice day.

Beautiful shots! I love that kind of flower too. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful irises! To read a great story about irises go to http://www.herndonirisgarden.com/

These are lovely photos of your irises ... and these are truly special purple and yellow ones.
Hugs and blessings,

I love Iris's also and your shots capture them beautifully.

Beautiful macros. I don't believe I've ever seen purple/yellow irises. Very very pretty.

What a beautiful Iris !!!!!

Greetings from Finland a day after Midsummer :)

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